Overall Pools Results

The results are in for our 8 week National Hurling and Football League forecast competition.

There was games delayed from week 7 that have only just been played so this resulted in the both the overall leaderboard and the week 7 results only being available now.

The winner of our last weekly prize of €100 was Adam O’Riordan with a score of 19 points. Congratulations to Adam.

As week 7 is now finally concluded we can also announce the winner of our overall grand prize of €400 for the most consistent forecaster was Neil Rogers. Congratulations to Neil who pipped his wife Laura at the post by 1 point!

There are two tables below. One reflects the overall scoreboard and the second reflects the leaderboard which uses your best 6 weeks scores for the top prize.

Thanks to everyone who mad this a huge success this year and for sponsoring our minor club its much appreciated.

Overall Leaderboard

Overall Leaderboard 6 Best Weeks


Forecast Results Week 8

The results are in for week 8 and the winner is David Brien with a score of 17. David picks up this weeks prize of €100.

Due to postponements last weekend there are still some outstanding fixtures from week 7’s round of games. These are to be played next weekend. At which stage we will be in a position to announce the winner of week 7 along with the overall winner taking the €400 prize.

The full leaderboard is below. Remember that only your top 6 scores will count in the overall leaderboard.

Forecast Round 8 Results

Updated Forecast Results Week 6

There was an error in our overall week 6 results last week due to conflicting reporting of results on different news sites on Sunday 11/03/2018.

Armagh and Donegal was registered as a draw on one news source however Donegal had in fact won this game by a goal.

Due to this the leaderboard changed slightly and Neil Rogers was not this weeks winner.

This weeks winner and receiving the weekly prize of €100 was Donagh Wezemer. Congratulations to Donagh and apologies to Neil for the error. As a gesture of goodwill due to our error we have allocated a prize of €50 to Neil for this mistake.

The revised leaderboard is available below.

Forecast Results Week 6