Updated Forecast Results Week 6

There was an error in our overall week 6 results last week due to conflicting reporting of results on different news sites on Sunday 11/03/2018.

Armagh and Donegal was registered as a draw on one news source however Donegal had in fact won this game by a goal.

Due to this the leaderboard changed slightly and Neil Rogers was not this weeks winner.

This weeks winner and receiving the weekly prize of €100 was Donagh Wezemer. Congratulations to Donagh and apologies to Neil for the error. As a gesture of goodwill due to our error we have allocated a prize of €50 to Neil for this mistake.

The revised leaderboard is available below.

Forecast Results Week 6

Pools Week 5 Results

The results are in for week 5 of 8 of our pools competition. This week was a National Football League week.

The winner of our weekly prize this week is Shane Murphy with a score of 22.

Congratulations to Shane who picks up €100 and moves up the ranks in the overall table to stake a claim for the top prize. Laura Rogers continues to hold onto top position after week 5 however the gap has narrowed slightly full table available below.

Check back later in the week for next weeks fixtures.

Forecast Week 5 Results